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Get A Furniture Hauling Insurance To Reduce Your Worry In Moving

Moving house is usually a chaotic experience.

You’ve got solicitors and estate agents to deal with, paperwork piling up and day-to-day life still carrying on in the background.

Making sure your possessions are insured during the move may not be something you’ve considered, but checking your home insurance policy will give you peace of mind in the middle of a hectic time.


First, take pictures and measure the dimensions of the furniture to be moved. Then decide if you want to pack it yourself or let the pros handle it (white glove). Then simply create a free listing, get quotes from customer-rated movers, and book your shipment with a mover that fits your needs.


The average price range to ship furniture is $200 – 400. Naturally, larger shipments, white glove service, long distances, and other factors can increase the cost. Furniture movers sometimes combine several shipments which help keep the price low.


First, measure the dimensions of the item and take a few quick pictures. Then decide if you want to pack it yourself or let the pros handle it (white glove). Then simply create a free listing, get quotes from customer-rated movers, and book your shipment with a mover that fits your needs.

Any responsible trucking service must have at least a cheap commercial truck insurance coverage to protect their business. To say the least, this type of insurance would cover the expenses if there was any loss or damage done during the transportation of furniture cargo.

Ironically, furniture despite its bulk and size is one of the most fragile cargoes that you can transport. A mere scratch can reduce its value significantly. Just imagine if you are servicing a furniture company that

sells vintage furniture or even the contemporary but expensive ones. If during your transport, one of the tables breaks its leg during a collision, the client will most likely charge you for the loss of its sale.

Furniture hauling insurance objective is to assist moving and storage owners in lowering their overall cost of their risk, in addition to helping them attract and retain the best employees to work within their operation.

You will need to consider contacting your own insurance company for Transit Insurance for your household and personal effects should you wish to have comprehensive cover as your standard Home Contents policy will not usually provide cover for Household Goods in Transit. Our Liability covers are limited in the coverage that they offer Public Liability – Third Party Property Damage but – only where we are proven to be negligent – eg – where we may accidentally drop an item.

Hauling sofas, dining room tables, refrigerators, and collectibles may not seem like the path to developing an online insurance service, but it was the first step for one entrant to the inland marine insurance arena.

Part of what prompted him to get property-casualty producer licenses in several states was the business potential, he said. He cited statistics from the American Moving and Storage Association indicating that there are more than 18 million moves in the United States each year, with residential moves accounting for about 35 percent.

There are several advantages to online placement, he said, highlighting the fact that the Internet hub brings together consumers, moving companies, and insurers on a single platform, making it more than a customer convenience.

For consumers, there’s one less headache involved in dealing with a stressful life event, with the online broker allowing 24/7 access.Whether you are transporting furniture for a private family who is moving from one home to another, or you are rendering delivery services for a furniture company, there is only one thing they have in common. The cargo which is furniture is of a significant value and it costs to lose more than just its sentimental value if there is any damage caused by them during its transport.

With the most basic of insurance coverage, you can face up to these charges and even have enough funds to have your vehicles repaired. In some cases, if the damaged goods can still be repaired, you might just be charged by your client for the cost of repairs. But that is if you are lucky and you have those stipulations in your contract.

Having some insurance coverage along with your trucking services can be your driving edge in winning over your loyal customers. You can mention that you have special insurance protection to ensure that in the event some unforeseen accident or occurrence happens during its transport, you have ample protection for both the goods and the services. Some insurance companies can pay for the actual costs of the loss and damage of the cargo during its transport. Others will pay for the cost of its repair or replacement.

You can arrange for a customized insurance policy depending on the type of customer and cargo that you carry with your insurance company. You can also request for cheap truck insurance quotes with reliable providers like Commercial Insurance Company. They can tailor fit a quote that will cover your basic needs and fit it into your budget. Their General Liability insurance coverage already provides protection for costs of property damage, medical payment, personal injury, bodily injury and other typical types of liabilities. You can’t go wrong with the most basic coverage like that and they also offer services like produce haulers trucking insurance if that’s what you need.