Welcome to Sound Valves’ PRELIMINARY online catalog

Now celebrating 20 years in audio: 1976-1996. Having sold others’ products for many years (as well as having specializing in the procurement of audio-specific parts), the staff at Sound Valves KNOWS audio inside and out. Click here to see what’s “under the hood” of our VTP-101i. In designing our own SV products, we first got the best engineering (i.e., HARRY KLAUS, of Dynaco-Hafler fame) plus premium precision parts. Then we set about building ONLY that equipment we could really believe in — gear we would (did) buy for ourselves!

Our FACTORY-DIRECT ADVANTAGE means you will routinely save BIG! — 30-50% over dealer distributed audio products… more in many cases. Pricing & Order Form. But there’s more to our story…

“Why no dealers?” Even assuming your local franchised dealer has “stock” on the model you want to hear (a highly questionable assumption in our experience), under the very best of circumstances a dealer demonstration little resembles what you will hear at home (i.e., different speakers, different system components, different room).

That’s why SV believes that the only truly valid listening test is in your home with your equipment. It’s also why all factory-assembled SV products are sold with a 30-day hassle-free satisfaction guarantee. Warranty for assembled products: 3 full years.

Sadly, high-end audio in the 1990s is now all-too-often driven entirely by $$$$$ (not sonics). How else can one justify hundreds of dollars for a few feet of “magic” cable? As one prominent East Coast dealer put it to us, “Who wants ‘affordable?’ ” To that SV says, “OUR customers do!”

A VALUE-QUALITY MENTALITY. We can’t help ourselves; we grew up thinking and believing in “value” and “quality.” Now we’re in the driver’s seat making it happen — creating only those components we’re proud to sell to our closest friends and family. SV has achieved genuine USA-made quality… at a price. (We invite you to compare our quality and features to competitors’ models at twice our price.) Unlike the poor dealer who must settle for “the brands he can get,” we don’t build it if we don’t believe in it. No compromises. (Read what our customers say to find out more about SV’s products and service. Wow! )

[12/05/96] — your web home for affordable high-end VACUUM TUBE audio products designed by Harry Klaus. All SV products are proudly 100% Conceived, Designed & Built-by- Hand (by us) in Columbus, Ohio. PICTURED ABOVE: VTP-101i tube preamp (with 1/4″ thick machined BLACK or GOLD face) — $799.00. See NEW! [09/96] VTP-101i product review here.